But I am getting some things finished.

Socks 0805 - ankle socks

A pair of ankle socks, using the remaining yarn from this pair of socks. Same generic sock recipe, but I added 3×1 rib to shake things up a bit. I knitted the back of the sock in plain stockinette stitch for about 3/4″ after turning the heel before changing it to 3×1 rib as well. I topped it off with 3/4″ of 1×1 rib at the top.

As it turns out, I could have made these socks a wee bit longer because I still have yarn left over. So, 5 ounces of fiber is enough for 2 full pairs of socks for me. The advantages of having small feet.

I made the second heel a bit different from the first. I knitted the first stitch of each short row. I didn’t like this. Also, on the k2tog on the nibble back, I slipped both stitches knit-wise, including the yarn over. This created a twisted stitch, but it tightened it up so that it is much neater.

I’m already on the second sock of the next pair, continuing on the heel experimentations. I’m still on course for 2 pairs per month!

I haven’t abandoned everything in favor of the sock needles.

Rovings - One of a Kind skeins

These are 3 ply worsted weight yarn from Rovings. The color way is called “One of a Kind”. As you can see, there were 2 distinct colors in this batch, heathered green and purple. I separated them. There is 1 lb 6.5 oz of heathered green, and 4.75 oz of purple. I finished these a few weeks ago, but just gotten around to the photo shoot. I bought this at SOAR in Tahoe (2006).

As if there isn’t enough fiber projects to distract me, a very heavy box arrived from Canada, just begging for me to open it up and start playing. Yup. My antique Circular Sock Machine has arrived (Legare 400). I’m being good. I’m holding off until I finish cleaning out the office.