On the first day of class, I wove this…

Mohair Scarf

Warp: alternating kid mohair/silk boucle and mohair
Weft: rambouillet
Sett: 6 epi
Warp width: 10″
Off the loom: 72″ long (sans fringe), 9″ wide
After wet finishing: 68″ long, 7″ wide

I spent the rest of the session working on my gamp, also known as a sampler.


Gamp Gamp

This is 8/2 cotton. I didn’t calculate my sett (12 epi) correctly, and this is more of a weft faced fabric instead of balanced weave. It was hard to get a good beat on it where the pattern shows clearly, so I just started playing around with my treadling. I particularly like the columns in the bottom left photo. I played with different versions. I think there is promise there. I wrapped it up with just plain tabby. After washing, I might be able to sew up a couple of squares to go under vases and such.

I have already started warping on another gamp with 20 epi.