I stayed up past 1 AM last night finishing warping my loom. I did a shortcut on the warp, and it definitely did not wind on like butter, as it should have. It wasn’t horrible, but I now know not to take that particular short cut!

Once complete, I wove a couple of shots of plain tabby to check my warp.

Gamp Warp

See that bit of ugliness on the left? Despite triple and quadruple checking my warp, I still made that stupid mistake. I put 1 thread through one heddle, and 3 in the next, instead of 2 each. (This had nothing to do with my shortcut, by the way.) While this will even out in the wash once it is off the loom, it still bothers me.

After a good night’s sleep, I decided to unweave and fix the warp. The good news is that the error was in the reeds only, so it was easy to unweave, and fix the problem from the front of the loom.

The fix is on the right. It makes me much happier. Onward to the tie ups.

Tech Specs: 8/2 cotton, alternating green and white; 20 epi on 10 dent reed.