No, these aren’t recipes for food, but rather knitting recipes.  Basic guidelines. Not full patterns. It’s not likely that you’ll find a full pattern here any time soon. Not that there won’t ever be, but I tend to work with recipes more than patterns. Why? Recipes allow me to use my handspun. I’m no longer restricted to finding the exact yarn that will knit up to the appropriate gauge, in the color I want, with the right drape, etc.  I can find a yarn that I like, whether commercially spun or my own handspun.  Swatch, yes swatch, to see what my preferred gauge/fabric is for the yarn and off I go.


  • On Knitting Socks: general discussion with links to specific parts of the sock construction.


  • Basic Triangle Shawl: scroll past the Santa to the bottom of the post.
  • Faroese Styled Shawl
    • Part 1: discussion about design considerations
    • Part 2: what I would have done differently