At the 11th hour, I decided to join in on Tour de Fleece. I’m taking it easy. No specific goals aside from just spinning a bit each day. Unfortunately, I’ve already missed a day — Fourth of July. I’ll take that as my rest day and spin on the next official rest day.

I have set my DVR to record Le Tour. I try to stay away from the news and watch the race that evening while spinning along. This has worked fairly well so far. (Can I just say that Corsica is beautiful? It’s going on my travel destination list.) During Stage 5, as the TV was showing the spectacular collision, my drive band shredded.

This isn’t the first time my drive band has shredded. I doubt it will be the last either. This time, instead of the usual knot and cut, I added one more step. No, not the sewn knot that Judith recommends, but a dot of fray check. I took a close look at the point of shredding. It always starts close to the knot. My guess is that the ends started to unravel and worked itself through the knot. We will see if the fray check will wear better.