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More Yarn

This post has been a long time coming. The yarn was plied months ago on the Lendrum as I mentioned, but all was not happy. I decided to use the jumbo flyer and plying head. It was sooooooo slow and my plying was less than even. On the bobbin, it looked like I had a several sections of really underplied yarn mixed in with “normal” looking yarn.

I was so disgusted I left the yarn on the bobbin for months, trying decide my next steps.

I finally decided to wind the yarn off and see what I had. I thought that I could put it on the squirrel cage reel and see if a few turns on that might help even out the twist a bit.

merino silk

Guess what? It looked pretty good in skein form! There were no obvious underplied sections. Some sections might have been a little overplied. No matter. I think it will even out a bit more once it hits it’s bath. It’s not my best work, but it’s not horrible either.

Here’s a tip that I learned from Stephenie Gaustad a few years ago…

  • Tie the beginning and the end of your yarn to each other so that the skein is essentially a giant single loop of yarn (but wound in skein form).
  • If the beginning and end are not close to each other on the skein winder, tie on a piece of scrap yarn as extender.

This allows the twist to flow freely throughout the length of the yarn.

Next, tie lots and lots of loose figure eights around your skein to keep them under control. The key here is loose. You don’t want to bind the skein in anyway — remember you want the twist to move freely throughout.

Yarn Stats:

  • 8 oz of Merino/Silk from RedFish Dyeworks
  • 1,662 yards of 2 ply yarn (approx. 3,300 ypp)

The yarn in fiber form and as singles. What was disappointing is that it lost the fresh out of indigo bath look (chartreuse, green, and blue) and is mostly green. I’ll have to see what to pair the yarn with to bring that original impression back.

Singles Done

Finished with my singles. 4 oz on each bobbin, spun on my Matchless. I think I will ply on my Lendrum. I haven’t used my Lendrum in a while. The color is truer in the top bobbin.

Le Tour

I had forgotten completely about Le Tour until I saw what a few of my friends are spinning for Le Tour. I’ve decided to unofficially enter the race — just follow along and spin a little bit everyday. What am I spinning now?


Merino/Silk from RedFish Dyeworks. The colors remind me of fabric that has just been pulled out of an indigo bath and started the magic of changing from chartreuse to green to blue.

I’m also halfway through the annual Index Card A Day challenge. You can see some of my sketches on the right margin, near the bottom. This year, I’ve decided to just focus on my sketches and continue to improve my skills instead of trying to expand out into multimedia. I’m just not very good with stamping, gluing, taping. That’s just not where my interests lay. I want to sketch and watercolor. Since the index cards make very disappointing watercolor base, I have been primarily focused on ink and coloring pencils.

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