Again, no train, but we had a boat!

It was too hot and sticky on the boat to pull Kozue out, so I mostly ignored my knitting. But I  started a pair of socks with the sock yarn. Toward the second half of the dive trip, I pulled it out and worked on the socks fairly steadily while I read between dives or watched The Hobbit at night.


When asked, I said that I was too lazy to wash the one pair of socks I brought with me so I needed a new pair to fly home with. (I normally pack a pair of socks in my carry on to wear on the plane for long flights. It’s as necessary as my Bose noise canceling headset, pillow and shawl.)

Okay, it was a joke but it made people laugh…after they gave me “the look” followed by “you know, they have laundry service on the boat…”

I finished the socks at the Bali airport, just before they closed the doors for the first leg of my return.