I was looking through my web stats (*) this morning and saw that someone had been viewing my Baby Blanket post from several years ago. This was made for a girl friend’s first baby. She just had her third last fall and very recently made the decision to take a respite from work and stay at home with the three little ones. (Tomorrow is her exit interview. Congratulations!)

Summer is upon us. Summer means lazy outdoor meals, including meals in the marina with my friends. And after the sun goes down, we scramble for blankets and wraps. These “baby” blankets will be fabulous as a shoulder wrap. Even better, all that mindless knitting is perfect for social knitting.  I think I may have have some yarn around here that might work. snerk.

* The reason I was looking through the stats wasn’t due to vanity, but security. Last week, I installed a Word Press plug-in that limits failed login attempts. It’s completely configurable, but I have it set to 4 failed attempts before it locks that IP out from further logins for 20 minutes. I can not believe how many people / robots / what-have-you have attempted to log into my WP installation as “Admin”, which is the default administrator account. I have since (a) created a strong password for all of my WP accounts, and (b) changed my default administrator account to another account name. All this is in addition to the plug-in.

It’s scary out there! How about you? What are you doing to protect your blog?