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20120430-095353.jpgIt would seem that I’ve circled back to teal again.

I tend to cycle through a limited palette: teal, blue, purple and red. I was on teal for quite a long while. I made some short excursions into reds, purchased some purple, but no finished projects with those colors.

So what is the fiber for? It’s for a Friendship Coverlet Exchange. I dyed 1 pound of brown BFL yesterday. The second pound is cooling in the turkey roaster right now. It’s been a while since I dyed a full pound of fiber at once and there are definitely spots that will need to be re-dyed.

I wanted slight depth of shade variability in the roving so that, when spun, the yarn will have some gradations to keep it interesting. However, I have spots that just didn’t have any color on it. I changed my dye application method slightly for the second pound. Let’s see if I get better color saturation with this batch.

Next up, spin all two pounds of this teal BFL into fingering weight singles then skein them off into 250-300 yard skeins to give to the other participants.


Phone Bag



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  1. Sharolene

    I have a heck of a time trying to control my gauge. I’m going to take a 4 day intensive from Judith this summer and hopefully I’ll get a better handle on how to increase the size of my spinning. Right now, I tend to make the yarn whatever size it wants to be but I’d love to be able to control that better. You did a wonderful job with the bag yarn. I’d love to spin like that.

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