Coverlet Squares

I’ve been plugging away at my coverlet squares for the Coverlet Exchange. Not much to show yet, unfortunately.

A few things I’m learning along the way…

  • I can’t seem to get “square” for the life of me. Good thing that my overshot pattern is asymmetrical and the lack of squareness isn’t immediately obvious.
  • In an attempt to make the weaving more square, I changed my sett from 18 to 16. It looks better. I can sett it even wider, but my weaving width is now 16″, the target width of our squares. (I’m getting around 2″ of draw in.)
  • I am weaving a bit longer than the aim of 16″ with the idea that the fabric will shrink in length a bit once it is off tension. I am weaving anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″ longer. It’s easier for the recipient to cut off the extra lengths than to figure out what to do without.
  • There is a large variety of weights of pattern yarn in the exchange. Anything from nearly DK to heavy lace.
  • The thickness of the pattern yarn isn’t as much of a factor as the squish factor (loft).
  • I’ve been re-teaching myself how to throw my shuttle, with my palm up, rather than palm down, and catching it with my palm up too. This has resulted in a lot of missed catches and drops. I may need to buff some of the dings from my shuttles when this is over.


Yarn for Coverlet Exchange

Just in case you thought I’ve abandoned my fiber crafts for the index cards…here’s proof that work continues.

The hand spun for the coverlet exchange are ready for distribution. I’ll exchange them in the next few weeks for the other participants’ yarn. Once I’m done with the current project on the loom, I’ll start the warp for the coverlet.

Specs: 10 cones of 160 yards each. Black Blue Faced Leicester over dyed with teal spun to fingering weight singles. I still need to spin about 500 yards for my own squares, but the big push is over.


20120430-095353.jpgIt would seem that I’ve circled back to teal again.

I tend to cycle through a limited palette: teal, blue, purple and red. I was on teal for quite a long while. I made some short excursions into reds, purchased some purple, but no finished projects with those colors.

So what is the fiber for? It’s for a Friendship Coverlet Exchange. I dyed 1 pound of brown BFL yesterday. The second pound is cooling in the turkey roaster right now. It’s been a while since I dyed a full pound of fiber at once and there are definitely spots that will need to be re-dyed.

I wanted slight depth of shade variability in the roving so that, when spun, the yarn will have some gradations to keep it interesting. However, I have spots that just didn’t have any color on it. I changed my dye application method slightly for the second pound. Let’s see if I get better color saturation with this batch.

Next up, spin all two pounds of this teal BFL into fingering weight singles then skein them off into 250-300 yard skeins to give to the other participants.