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WooLee Winder

I’ve finally succumbed. My WooLee Winder (for the Schacht Matchless) arrived in the mail today. I immediately popped it on and took it for a test whirl. Unfortunately, the fiber that was close at hand was some soysilk that I dyed in a dye workshop. I just don’t enjoy spinning 100% soysilk, so it wasn’t a good test run. I’ll have to have another go tomorrow with some wool. (I have to admit that I absolutely loved spinning Karaoke, which is 50/50 soysilk/wool. So, I need to blend the 2 pounds or so of soysilk that I have in storage.)

While spinning, I noticed that I can hear some noise from the WooLee Winder. I think it is coming from either the travel screw or the eyelet, since the gears are quiet when I rotate the bobbin my hand. The noise is quite noticeable, but I notice all noises on my Matchless. I don’t know what level of noise/rattling is normal. I need some more time with the WooLee Winder.

I also have to play with it to find the sweet spot for the scotch tension. I either get too much or too little draw in. And I’m also a “pusher” when it comes to winding on. It will take a little retraining to let the travel screw do it’s job instead of pushing the finished yarn on the bobbin.


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  1. kristen

    Hi Ann,

    You asked in a comment on my blog the other day about whether I had noticed any noise from the WooLee Winder on my Schacht. My original post was a bit inaccurate when I said I heard ‘no additional noise’ with the WooLee Winder – to be more accurate, there is a slight noise – a rhythmic ‘da-da-da’ that I hear, but it doesn’t sound to me as if anything is rattling or out of place. I hope that clarifies what I meant – and I hope you’re enjoying your spinning!

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