I made the mistake of taking a Claritin-D last night. I was careful by checking my blood pressure before and an hour or so after taking it. No increase in my BP. So far so good. But 4 hours later, I woke up and wasn’t able to go back to sleep. I was wired. BP still good, but couldn’t relax. I had forgotten what the extended pseudophedrine does to me.

So what’s a girl to do? Go to her spinning wheel and experience a little zen.

The Beat Goes On

This is “The Beat Goes On” colorway (discontinued) from Crown Mountain Farms. I sort of followed Teyani‘s directions for spinning the fiber, with one difference. I broke the roving into approx 10″ lengths. I ended up with approximately 60 lengths each of light and dark. I’ll be spinning 20 lengths of each onto 3 separate bobbins for a 3 ply yarn. The singles are approximately 40 wpi.

Isn’t it pretty?

And you know what? It worked. My body and brain settled down enough 90 minutes later for me to head back to bed for another 3 hours.

Oh, and you see that bit of fluff where the red arrow is pointing? It was a tip I picked up at SOAR. Remember my complaint of the rattle with the new WooLee Winder? It turns out that it’s because of my spinning method (semi-long-draw). When the tension is taken off of the spun fiber for drawing in, the mechanism has a bit too much play and rattles. By tying a bit of yarn around it gave it just enough cushion to muffle the rattle. It still rattles a bit, but no longer as annoying as it did before.

Near Anarchy ChartBy the way, look at this! See all those tick marks? Yup. I’m 3 squares from finishing the body of the sweater. I was hoping to finish it by 2008, but I’ll have to settle for finishing the body by 2008.

I think I will seam it up and work the neckline and waistband before starting the sleeves. That way, I’ll know exactly how much of each color I have remaining. I’ll work the sleeves in stripes instead of squares, as shown on the book’s back cover.

The colors are approximate and not exactly me (except the purple, which I bought later when I decided to work this sweater). They worked better for my stepmother, for whom I picked the yarn out for. But it should be a nice cozy sweater for wearing around the house or walking the dog.

To close, here’s a picture of the finished fingerless gloves. As I said earlier, they are dense and warm. A little bit of all the colors in the repeat shows up in each glove to make them definitely fraternal, but not identical. I like.

Fingerless Gloves

P.S. I finally signed up for Ravelry. My screen name is FiberMusings. Now I can see what the fuss is about.

WooLee Winder

I’ve finally succumbed. My WooLee Winder (for the Schacht Matchless) arrived in the mail today. I immediately popped it on and took it for a test whirl. Unfortunately, the fiber that was close at hand was some soysilk that I dyed in a dye workshop. I just don’t enjoy spinning 100% soysilk, so it wasn’t a good test run. I’ll have to have another go tomorrow with some wool. (I have to admit that I absolutely loved spinning Karaoke, which is 50/50 soysilk/wool. So, I need to blend the 2 pounds or so of soysilk that I have in storage.)

While spinning, I noticed that I can hear some noise from the WooLee Winder. I think it is coming from either the travel screw or the eyelet, since the gears are quiet when I rotate the bobbin my hand. The noise is quite noticeable, but I notice all noises on my Matchless. I don’t know what level of noise/rattling is normal. I need some more time with the WooLee Winder.

I also have to play with it to find the sweet spot for the scotch tension. I either get too much or too little draw in. And I’m also a “pusher” when it comes to winding on. It will take a little retraining to let the travel screw do it’s job instead of pushing the finished yarn on the bobbin.