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After weeks of waiting, the surgery is finally behind me. No more second guessing if this is the right thing to do. The post op report says that it’s way past time. They call it a bikini line incision, but I have to tell you, it’s just where that tummy fat pack lies, and it’s not pretty. Besides, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was a teenager, and I doubt that I’ll start now, even if I’m in Rio. It’s amazing how much you use your abdominal muscles for, even if they are out of shape. Getting in and out of bed is a big show. Getting in and out of my leather chairs are also a big deal because I can’t use my lats.

All in all, not much knitting nor spinning going on. Vicodin takes care of most of the complicated patterns (no Mystery Stole knitting), and concentration is crap.

I’ve been working on the Pinwheel Blanket as a baby blanket for a friend. Should be easy, right? Increase every other row, knit around the next. Every section should have the same stitch count. Continue until you’ve achieved the appropriate diameter or until you are sick of it. Well, somehow, I ended up with 3 different stitch counts in the segments on a single round. Yup. 44, 45, and 46. How the heck? 2 different stitch counts, I can understand, but 3???? Anyway, instead of ripping back, I did a clean up round, and now everything is all lined up at 45 stitches per section. The blanket is at about 30″ in diameter. I’ll continue a bit longer and bind off using a knit in lace border. Hopefully, the clean up row won’t be too noticeable.

Imagine, being able to plan vacations without thought about the monthly cycle. Still trying to get my head around that.


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  1. Take care, Ann, and get well soon.

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