Today was the annual CNCH Liaison Luncheon, one of the two CNCH meetings each year. On the agenda of the luncheon is to preview the venue for the 2012 conference, which is to be held at the Oakland Marriott and Convention Center.

The Area 3 guilds have put together a fabulous program. I’m really looking forward to taking some classes this conference. You can be sure that I will take Daryl Lancaster‘s Jury Tour of the Fashion Show Garments, if I can get in, that is. And my good friend, John Mullarkey, will be there to teach card weaving as well. So many fabulous teachers to choose from. There’s a little something for everyone.

And throughout the meeting, I was able to knit on my Circle of Life Shawl. I’ve made good progress during the luncheon and continued on once I got home. I was able to zip right through Chart 9. Granted, Chart 9 is the smallest chart in the entire shawl (only 4 pattern rounds). But 8 rounds is 8 rounds, right?

So, as of tonight, I’m at 80% completion of the main shawl pattern. My goal at this point is to finish the main shawl before I get on the plane on Saturday. And hopefully, during my long flights east, I’m be able to make significant progress on the border, and finish in time for the SOAR gallery.