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Yet another fabulous SOAR. And again, there appears to be no photos on my camera, save this. The Circle of Life Shawl at the SOAR gallery. I didn’t get to the edging, so I just finished it with a crochet bind off so it can make it into the gallery.

And here it is on the hotel bed for scale. It’s a queen sized bed.

After much consultation, I have decided to skip the medium brown that just started to appear in the progression and jump straight to the dark brown for contrast, and a wee bit of drama. However, I won’t start it for a few weeks. After a summer spent on 2 major projects, I feel a need for a few instant gratification projects.

So far, I’ve finished a sock, singular. I need something a bit more frivolous. Suggestions?


CNCH 2012


On Edge

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  1. Barbara

    for instant gratification, there is nothing like throwing a silk scarf warp on the loom and weaving it off – just a couple of days to complete and just in time for the cooler weather.

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