2013 Spring Cleaning #4 Update

blocking in the hotel room

I just realized that I never published any photos of the pre-finished shawl on the blog!

Sorry about the horrid picture. I finished the last of the knitting on the plane to and at SOAR. I ran back to the room between evening events to block the shawl the night before I had to turn it in. So not only was this photo taken on my phone, it was in a dimly lit hotel room.

Good thing I had a large room to myself, even if it was covered in mold and mildew. (It was a fun asthma filled week.)

A big thank you to Jen for bringing her blocking wires for me. I didn’t want to fly with mine.

SOAR 2011 Gallery

On Edge

I lieu of starting something new, I’ve decided to go ahead and start on the edging for the Circle of Life shawl. It’s progressing nicely. I’ve just finished the 1st of the 8 sections. Skipping directly to the dark brown is definitely the right decision. There is nice contrast. No pictures until the edging is done.

What I’m finding interesting is that while Ellie has shown absolutely no interest in my fibers in the past, she seems to think that the shawl is the cat’s meow. She loves jumping on my lap and knead the heck out of the shawl before taking a nap on it. While I would like to think that it’s me that she’s showing some love for, but unfortunately, it appears that the shawl is the draw. Ah well.

CNCH 2012

Today was the annual CNCH Liaison Luncheon, one of the two CNCH meetings each year. On the agenda of the luncheon is to preview the venue for the 2012 conference, which is to be held at the Oakland Marriott and Convention Center.

The Area 3 guilds have put together a fabulous program. I’m really looking forward to taking some classes this conference. You can be sure that I will take Daryl Lancaster‘s Jury Tour of the Fashion Show Garments, if I can get in, that is. And my good friend, John Mullarkey, will be there to teach card weaving as well. So many fabulous teachers to choose from. There’s a little something for everyone.

And throughout the meeting, I was able to knit on my Circle of Life Shawl. I’ve made good progress during the luncheon and continued on once I got home. I was able to zip right through Chart 9. Granted, Chart 9 is the smallest chart in the entire shawl (only 4 pattern rounds). But 8 rounds is 8 rounds, right?

So, as of tonight, I’m at 80% completion of the main shawl pattern. My goal at this point is to finish the main shawl before I get on the plane on Saturday. And hopefully, during my long flights east, I’m be able to make significant progress on the border, and finish in time for the SOAR gallery.

Progress Update

Circle of Life Shawl Progress

I’m now half way through Chart 8 (of 11). Round 195 of 223. Just shy of 70%. And yes, this is all before I start the border. Each round is taking more than an hour to complete now. I have serious doubts as to whether I’ll be able to finish this in time for SOAR.

6 yards

I have woven the minimum required yardage for the jacket workshop with Daryl Lancaster. I have 3 more yards of warp. I want to weave as much of it as I can as “backup” yardage — just in case.

31. The number of quills used in a 3.5 hour session. (That equates to about 2 yards of fabric.)