I had good intentions of spinning a little bit each day of the tour on my little Aegean spindle. Unfortunately, the equipment met with catastrophic failure within the first couple days. Completely due to my own stupidity. But it also meant that it could not be repaired, and replacement was going to have to wait until I returned home from my vacation.

No matter. I was too distracted to spin more than a token amount to say I did it. Not a huge loss from a progress perspective.

As soon as I returned home, I emailed Wanda and requested a replacement.

Here’s a picture of the broken shaft (center) and the new replacement (left), and my pitiful Tour de Fleece progress.

While I have spun a little bit on my little Turkish Delight upon return, there’s not much to blog about. I also haven’t spun for a week because I’ve been knitting away on the Circle of Life Shawl. So, I officially bow out of the Tour. No surprise here.

Incidentally, I queries several people and search high and low for fiber that I could spin in the Aegean that wouldn’t become a wet soggy felted mess in the heat and humidity. The fiber I chose was a merino/bamboo blend from New Hue Handspun. It was/is lovely fiber to spin.