It didn’t make sense to pay for postage on a replacement shaft alone, so I bought another spindle from Wanda. :)

I bought a convertible Meadowlark, aka Lark. When converted, it becomes a Jay. The photo on the left is the Jay conversion with a Bolivian Rosewood shaft. The crossbeams are made of Pistachio.

Jenkins provided a picture of the difference between a Jay and a Lark. Really, it’s a line up of all of their Turkish Spindles.

With the addition of the Lark/Jay, I now have one each of the Turkish spindles they make. Yup. I’m a sucker for these little cuties.

Photo on the right is the Lark with the Jay shaft next to it. And in case you are curious, the Lark comes in at 18g. It should spin laceweight yarn beautifully.

Hmm. I may have to take a bit of time off from knitting the shawl to playing with my new toy. I’m curious what difference the different shafts will make to the feel of the spindles.

Yeah. I’ll call it research. It’s not playing if I’m doing research, right?

In the meantime, I’m moving right along on the shawl. I’ll post a picture of the color change tomorrow.