I just saw an announcement today on Socknitters that Lorna sold Lorna’s Laces to Beth Casey. I’m whining because I am pretty new to Lorna’s Laces and I’ve really enjoyed the hand-dyed yarns, and now her rovings. I’m sure Beth will add her own touches to the products to make Lorna’s Laces hers. I wish both of them the best.

As I’ve stated in my earlier entry, I’m in self-imposed exile from knitting needles this week. I have to say,it’s been really rough. I see wonderful knitted items everywhere I go, and keep thinking … “gee, I can make that” or “ooo, what luscious yarn, I bet that would make a wonderful ” or “wow, that’s gorgeous! I have some leftover Kureyon that I can use…”

It hasn’t helped reading all the knitting/fiber blogs out there and seeing pictures of various stash enhancements.

I’ve been using the few minutes here and there between monitoring the jobs by spinning that luscious Lorna’s Laces rovings in Tahoe colorway. What wonderful stuff. I have a 182 yards of navajo plied hank (one bobbin full), and another bobbin almost ready for plying.

Anyway, 18 more hours of pager rotation, and my self imposed knittting exile. Tomorrow evening, I have a fun and exciting evening planned … early bed time, and no pager and cell phone on the night stand. woohoo! They won’t even make it to the bedroom. I might even treat myself to a visit to one of the yarn stores and fondle some fiber on Saturday.

That’s for me tonight. The database from hell is calling me. I really need to have it completed so they (the users) can prepare for next week’s financial results conference call.