Yes, we all know that the State of Washington has a problem. Okay, 2 problems. Tim Eyman and the state initiative process. Specifically, Tim Eyman’s exploitation of the state initiative process for personal gain. So, all I can say is “Where do I sign this new initiative? Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass

Spinning … I finished plying my second spool of Lorna’s Laces wool. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.

Pager Duty … is OVAH! (I love Iron Chef) Woohoo! Unfortunately, 6 hours after getting off call … 30 minutes after getting home, my cell phone rings … the person who is on rotation? His laptop is dead. And he’s my boss. Augh! Martin started busting out laughing when he heard me whine on the phone “but I covered for you last time!” Thank goodness, he’s getting someone else, after I sent a couple of emails out for him. Sigh. I shoulda listened to him … “don’t answer your cell phone!” My advice for Rick? Get someone else on your speed dial! Program the other members of the team’s cell phone numbers in your cell phone.