Today is the first day of the high mountain rides, and I feel like I’ve achieved that 14.3 km climb up the 6.8% grade.

I finally finished spinning the Targhee/Clun Forest singles. It took 6 days to spin a pound, but it’s finally done. I spun a bit on the Rest Day as well. I can now finally move on to the plying.

I started with the Judith Kate by Will Taylor, but the weight of the bobbins (these jumbo tigerwood bobbins are heavy!) and the angle, it was just too much grab for my softly spun singles. I kept breaking one of the singles. (Okay, it actually was drifting apart.) So I moved them off onto the kate that came with the Schacht. All 3 large bobbins will only fit if they are offset in the kate. It wouldn’t work well if these bobbins were completely full though, because there’s a bit of an overlap.

Hopefully, a couple of days of plying and I can move on to the next fiber!