Tigerwood on the Front Nine.

Yesterday was our club’s annual Golf Scramble (aka Tin Cup). I have to admit up front that, while I own my own set of clubs and golf shoes, I don’t play. Or rather, I do, but really, really badly. Scramble is my kind of golf, since the rest of the foursome isn’t waiting forever for me to actually get on the green. Last time I played was at the Tin Cup 2 years ago. And the time before that was probably back in the early 90s. So, I was really happy when I won the Women’s “Closest to the Pin” shot on the last hole!

Back to the Tour de Fleece…Since I was going to be on the golf course, I thought it was appropriate for the new Tigerwood miniSpinner to be out on the course.  I brought the spinner along with the portable battery, and did a little bit of spinning while we were waiting to T up.  Too bad the golf carts don’t have cigarette lighter adapters. That would have been even better!