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While I was up at the cottage last week, I decided to put a little warp on the Gilmore Gem II. Next thing I know, 6 towels were woven off…


Why this pattern? I realized as I sat down to plan my warp that I didn’t have any of my weaving pattern books at the cottage. Handweaving.net to the rescue.* I picked this draft because it is very similar to the one I started to use for this scarf (scarf on the far right). It’s not exactly the same, so there might be another set of sample (towels) coming up. I still want to explore that pattern.

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Here they are again, washed and hemmed.

Loom size: 15.4″ x 25″ (plus hem)
Finished size: 13″ x 23.5″

I’m quite pleased with them. They will go onto the boat as hand towels in the head. The current towels are cream colored terry cloth and have sometimes been confused with my cleaning rags.

These should be distinctive enough that they can’t be confused with the ones that you wipe down the toilet or muddy footprints with! The added bonus is that they can do double duty as dish towels. I will need to make more of these to stock the boat with. I can go through this stack in one cruise out.

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I sewed in a loop of cotton twill tape onto one edge of the towel so that they can be hung onto a hook, if desired. While I was at it, I printed customized labels to iron onto them.

I printed my “labels” onto a sheet of Avery T-Shirt Transfer and cut them down to size.  These were then ironed onto 1/2″ cotton twill tape. I had the transfers leftover from another project. I’m not sure that these will hold up to the rough washing/tumble dry cycles that towels go through, but they are quick to make and I didn’t have to commit to 100 or 1000 labels.

These labels look interesting too. I might give these a try too at some point.

While at the spa on Sunday, the spa/resort bathrooms had a stack of rolled up thick washcloths instead of paper towels. I want to do that for my bathroom at the cottage. A pretty stack of handwoven single use towels for visitors (and a convenient laundry hamper nearby).

* This is a wonderful site with lots of fabulous public domain drafts. Think Project Gutenberg for weaving drafts. You can read it online or pull it into a weaving program capable of reading WIF files and make adjustments. Weavolution has a great article on WIFs.


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  1. Amy

    lovely towels!

    and thanks for all the details on your pleating experiments. Finished scarf is beautiful!

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