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Color Ruts

Have you ever noticed that, every once in a while, you just get into a color rut? You find some yarn that you absolutely can’t live without. You bring it home, put it away, and then, bam! There seems to be quite a selection of that color, even if it is hand painted yarn, fiber, what have you.


Then I tried to shift out of my blues into greens…


As it turns out, I didn’t shift very far from the color wheel. I shifted from the red side of blue to the yellow side of blue. And those with eagle eyes will note that the cone on the far left is the same yarn as the lower-right yarn on the blue montage.

See that skein on the right hand side of the greens? It was 2 oz of Polwarth Luxury Blend that Jen snuck into my last order. I couldn’t leave it natural. I wanted a teal. But, as you can see, I put a bit too much yellow-green into my dye stock. And guess what, it turned out to be almost the same green as the green in the 2 collapse scarves: one made last week (center; Lisa Souza merino lace), and one that will be going on the loom this week (bottom; handspun Spirit Trail cashmere/bombyx).

So, sometimes, you just need a friend to kick you out of your color rut. Kathy picked out this Mountain Colors Targhee (Ruby River) for me at the Winery last weekend.

Does this mean that I’m moving into a red phase?

Editor’s Note: Snort! I just looked at the post on the website and noticed that the towels in the previous post were blue and sage green. I think it just serves to drive home the point…This color rut is rampant!




Another Pleated Scarf

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  1. I’ve noticed this too! When I go through my stash I can see my color trends over a 10 year period, in fact I pretty much can tell when I bought something based on the colorway.

    It’s good to have friends that make us stretch a bit isn’t it? :-)

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