In my hurry to finish my post and head out for a day of fun, I forgot to include the references for the pleated scarf in the last post.

  1. Anne Field‘s Collapse Weave workshop notes.
  2. Collapse Weave: Creating Three-Dimensional Cloth, Anne Field. p. 50-55.
  3. Handwoven Scarves, Interweave Press. “Pleated Scarf” by Gisela Evitt, p 28-29. (While you are at it, look at the scarf on page 31. It is woven with the same warp, but different weft and a denser sett.)
  4. Fabrics That Go Bump: The Best of Weaver’s, Madelyn van der Hoogt. Pleats, Ridges, Furrows, p. 57-82.
  5. Handwoven Magazine, November/December 2009. “All you do is spritz!” by Ruby Leslie, p.30-31.

The only place that discusses the effect of ppi vs. epi was in Anne’s workshop. In the series of experiments described in her book (reference #2), you can infer what is necessary to make the pleats. The article in Handwoven Magazine lists the epi and ppi, but does not state the importance of the relationship between the 2 to make the pleating work. Lastly, in Fabrics That Go Bump, the section referenced has a good discussion on the fabric density and yarn sizes.

Have fun!