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Kate Pix

I finally took some pix of Kate. Here is the detail of the inside. As I might have mentioned, I knit the whole thing in one seamless piece. The neckline is short-rowed. I used 84 stitches for the neckline, 30(front)+15(L sleeve)+24(back)+15(R sleeve). Why does the front have 6 more stitches than the back? Because I stair-stepped the front neckline in 3 short row segments on each side (2*3 rows) which means the front has 3 fewer sets of double decreases than the back. Is this clear as mud? It just worked like magic. It was much clearer to me than the French instructions I downloaded.

Here is another pix of Iris in Cutie-Patootie and me in Kate. Note how Kate is really tight under my armpit. This is because I forgot to take into account the smaller row gauge that resulted from changing to smaller needles (see earlier entry). C’est la vie. I put this sweater in a drawer full of sweaters for Iris to grow into. Kate was a good learning experience.
Speaking of learning experiences, look at how the neckline of Cutie Patootie gaps. I forgot to put in some strategically-placed decreases to tighten up the neckline. I don’t like to fiddle with finished garments so Iris will have to put up with the flashdance look. Not that I am old enough to remember flashdance…
Under Cutie-Patootie, Iris wears her favorite Princess Aurora dress made with 3 different color blues. Both items were made by mommy under Imperial command. Yes, she is over-indulged.


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  1. Amy

    Kate looks great
    I’m thinking of making another one with sleeves. If I do, I’m doing it your way :)

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