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09-lace-single.jpgI’ve been working on this and that. Mostly that — not much fiber activities around here. But I did finish spinning this little skein of lace weight singles. It is 2 ounces and approximately 530 yards. I didn’t take a wraps per inch measurement, but I think it’s about 20+. I dyed this roving at my last session with my guild up in Seattle before moving down here, over a year ago.

I put a lot of twist into this yarn because the fiber is very fine, and I was worried about the fibers slipping apart. So, I had to block the heck out of it to get all the kinks out. There’s not a lot of spring left in this yarn, in it’s current state. Since it’s slated for a lace project, springy yarn isn’t really called for, right? This skein is headed over to Amy as a trade. Amy, please be kind in your critique.

09-calmer-bl-hat.jpgI stayed up way too late last night, watching back to back Poirot movies on A&E. But that did give me a chance to rip out and finish this little chemo cap for Susan. It’s made with less than one skein of Calmer. Here‘s the free pattern from Head Huggers.

I’ve been resisting the Calmer mania that hit the blog world this summer, but, oh-my-god, I now know what the fuss is about. It has got to be the softest, loveliest cotton blend yarn to work with. It should be great as a chemo cap.

If I thought Heirloom Breeze was nice to work with and wear, this make Breeze feel like a brillo pad. And, it doesn’t split nearly as much as all the other cottons that I’ve worked with. Okay, I know the calendar says fall, but I’ve just got to make a top or two out of this. After all, in this land of sunshine, I can’t face wool on a regular basis, even during the so called winters around here.

So, it’s to bed for me. Later, I will post about my experiences with natural vs. chemical dyes. I want to get one more sample batch in before I write about it.


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  1. Amy

    I bet the yarn will be a dream to knit with. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on natural dyes vs chemicals.

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