A conversation with Jimmy CarterMartin and I were lucky to spend an hour or so in the company of Jimmy Carter this afternoon. The former president came by our office to talk to us about The Carter Center and just plain chat. What an amazing person. And he shared a bit of his humor, his take on the current election, and a little bit about this letter that he wrote to Zell Miller, and how we as individuals can make a difference. I repeat, what an amazing person!

Oh yes, you came here to read about fibers. The new batch of cutch dyed lincoln-corriedale is darker than the first batch. But stupid me changed two variables instead of just one at a time, so I don’t know which had the most impact. First, I re-scoured the wool in one hot soapy bath, followed by one hot rinse. Second, I premordanted the wool for about 36 hours in alum. So, I don’t know if it was the residual grease on the wool that was prohibiting the dye from taking, or whether premordant made the difference. But I will say that there’s still some grease in the wool, and a LOT of dye came out in the first rinse.