Have you seen this?  Interweave’s Spin-Off Magazine is having celebrating the International Year of Fibers by offering up a contest.  You need to process the fiber from scratch to a completed scarf of your own design…all by May 20, 2009.  (Thankfully, you don’t need to raise nor sheer the sheep yourself, but I think you should get bonus points if you do!)

That’s TWELVE weeks from now, folks!

If you follow the guidelines set forth by both Spin-Off and Keep the Fleece, you can enter your scarf into both contests.  Two birds, one stone.  Or rather, two contests, one scarf.

So, are you in?

I have a raw lamb’s fleece and a couple of alpaca fleeces in the garage.  I have some silk cocoons in the storage bin.  I have some brand spanking new Forsythe 4 pitch combs (just came in the mail last week).

Okay, it’s time for this project manager to start building a project plan and get this going!  There’s lots to do. Decide on a theme.  Scour the fleece (or degum the silk cocoons?).  Decide on how to process the fleece (comb or card or spin from the lock, a la Stove?).  Create a new scarf design.  Spin some samples (wheel or spindle?)  Do a swatch (knit or weave?)

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Gotta run. Lots of things to do!

P.S. $5 per entry? Who are you kidding here? What over achiever will be able to submit more than one entry in this amount of time?!