I braved Stitches Market to look for more Noro Silk Garden Sock to finish the shawl. I made a list with 3 items on it. I hoped that it would keep me on the straight and narrow. Get in. Buy the stuff. Get out with minimal damage to my wallet and psyche.

I was in trouble before I even stepped foot into the market. I bumped into Marguarite, who was wearing a beautiful woven scarf, using a painted skein from Interlacement. So, of course, it was on my list of vendors to visit.

A few hours later, I was only able to check one item off my list, and a large bag of other purchases. And no, I didn’t find the Noro. I’ll have to order it online. I should have done that to start. I could have saved myself a lot of time and money.

On the positive side, I think I finally found the weft yarn for the painted warp I did in Sara Lamb’s class at SOAR.