It just followed me home


Rick Reeves Frame Wheel, in walnut.


I haven’t seen any like this one before, where in place of dowel joinery, this has knobs.  The knobs can be unscrewed and the wheel can be taken apart.  I’ve taken all the knobs off, not to take the wheel apart, but to clean and oil/wax the parts underneath.

I bought it from someone in my guild, who purchased this wheel from Rick Reeves when she was still living in the midwest back in the 70s.  However, she never actually spun on it.  I’ve been spending the past few days breaking the wheel in.

6 thoughts on “It just followed me home”

  1. Never?? Not since 1978 or thereabouts?? I really don’t get how that can happen….

    Glad you were able to save it from neglect!

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