Chart 7 Finished!

As I finished the last rounds of Chart 7, I moved on to the next color in the sequence…100% of the lightest brown, as opposed to the marled of the lightest brown with white.

Last round of Chart 7 means 178 of 234 rounds complete. A whole whopping 58% of the main body of the shawl is now finished. Sigh. I still have a long way to go.

I learned something else last night too. It’s not a good idea to knit when you are exhausted and falling asleep at the needle. I spent most of this morning trying to fix the errors I made last night without unknitting 4 rounds of lace, at 728 sts/round. I think I was mostly successful. It will take quite a bit of careful examination to find the errors (I hope).

Thanks for the Sanity Check

The feedback from various sources overwhelmingly say “continue with the pattern.” And they are right. The shawl will be much too big for me to wear. Although, wearing the shawl was something that never crossed my mind. My goal was to make a shawl out of the yarn I spun, and to use as much of it as possible on a single item. The actual use of the item was never part of my thought process.

So thank you, everyone, for putting that question back into the equation.

I will finish the shawl as the pattern is written and make something out of the remainder. I should have enough to make a smallish stole. Perhaps a variant of another Eugen Beugler pattern, Lace Dream. I can do it lengthwise and see how deep I can make it before I run out of yarn.


black line as of 20 July (grey line shows progress as of 16 July)

As you can see, I’m making slow and steady progress.

But I’m at a crossroad.

I have just finished the last round of the last chevron increase at the edge of each panel in the pattern. I need to make a decision on whether to continue with the pattern as written, which sets me up to the finish line.

Or, I start another chevron set to make the shawl larger.

The shawl will already be fairly good sized. Making it larger will make the finished shawl huge. But, I also have a lot of yarn left. I hate to see any of this yarn go to waste.

Just how much yarn do I have left? I used up 2.25 oz of the 9+ oz of yarn to date. And based on my calculations, I’m just shy of the half way point (49.1% for those who must know), sans edging. I don’t expect the edging to take up a huge amount of yarn — an ounce at most.

So, I ask you, should I start another chevron? Or should I just head for the finish line? Please leave your vote in the comments. I have guild today so I will not likely get back to the shawl until Friday.


as of 19 July

Finally enough rounds on the shawl to see the color change instead of just looking like I was knitting with very dirty hands.

First color change!


I’ve made it to the first color progression! It’s the marled of the white and the lightest brown. Looking forward to this color change propelled me on a knitting marathon to get to the point that I’m no longer knitting with white yarn.