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FFFA (3)

1st Fuzzy Feet is finished! Thanks Kate for the info on the cuff. It looks great. I’ll work on #2 tomorrow. I should be on schedule to felt this weekend, if I don’t get side tracked with my Philosopher’s Wool.

Scarf Specifics

I downloaded the “Chenille Diagonal Lace Scarf” pattern from the Martingale Publications website about a month ago. It is no longer on the website but the pattern is one of the projects in Nancie Wiseman’s book, “Knitted Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves.”

I used 2 skeins of Lion Brand Microspun in French Vanilla. I don’t know what size needle I used as I don’t care about gauge for a scarf. Why I made a second lace knitting project with a yarn that splits so easily is beyond comprehension. However, it was in my stash and I wanted to start a portable project for a car trip.

If I were to do it again, I would add some shortrows to make the darn edges lay flat at the corners.

It can be quite boring and tedious to do all those SSK’s on the second leg of the V scarf. I used a trick I learned in high school while teaching a friend to knit. She forgot which way the yarn travels on the perl stitch so she just pushed the yarn through sort of like the motion in the knit stitch. That makes the stitch lie the “wrong” way. On the knit side, the loops will lie with the left side of the loop facing you instead of the right side of the loop. That allowed me to replace the SSK with a simple maneuver. I just knit the next two stitches together through the back loops for a decrease that is the reverse of k2tog. It sounds more complicated than it really is. Just try it on a sample and it will make sense.

How to knit with a toddler around

If anyone knows the answer, please enlighten me.

Iris and her dad went on an outing and I was able to finish the microfiber scarf that she had claimed for herself while I was knitting it. I tucked the finished scarf into her llbear backpack for her to discover. When she found it, she handed it to me and said that she didn’t like it. So I said, ‘Fine, mommy would like to have the scarf for herself.’ I put the scarf on which was enough to send her into hysterics trying to take it back.

I know that scarves are gratiutous when it is 90F outside, but the I made the item for dress up play. I also read the warning on the backpack that it is not for use by children under 4. However, the backpack is also used for dress up play purposes only. It contains her ‘keys’, ‘wallet’, sunglasses and map of the zoo. It shouldn’t damage her young spine.

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