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FFFA (2)

Frogged the 1st sock this morning on the way to work. After looking at my work in the light of day, I didn’t like the way the cuff came out. I’ll start again tonight.

Ready. Set. KNIT!

Stopped off at LYS to pick up some additional Brown Sheep yarn for the Fuzzy Feet Felt Along for Martin’s cuff. I ended up buying 2 skeins plus some Crystal Palace Splash to make a pair (or 2) for myself.

Got the pattern printed. Getting ready to cast on now. Question now is … who’s slippers get first dibs?

My new digital camera shipped today. There’s a chance that I can take the before pictures with it!

9:45 pm: I swatched the Brown Sheep. I need to use US size 11 (8mm) to get the gauge. Good thing too, since I only have size 11 double points at home, and the stores are closed by now.

Casting on Amethyst (M-62) as cuff for Martin.

10:30 pm: I probably will get more done on the slippers than I originally targeted for tonight. The pager and cell phone have been going crazy. This month-end close is definitely not going as well as it should. I’ll be up for at least another hour or so. I should be able to turn the heel by the time I head to bed. (Lots of hurry up and wait.)

11:40 pm: Well, that’s probably it for the night. Didn’t get as much done as I hoped, since I had to rip out the heel flap because I forgot to switch to the main color (Dark Charcoal). I’m back on the heel flap, but definitely won’t be able to turn the heel tonight. But pretty decent progress none the less.

Good night all!

Fuzzy Feet Felt Along!

Fuzzy Feet Felt AlongI’ve signed up for the Fuzzy Feet Felt Along. Martin’s been asking for a pair of felted slippers for a while, and this is the time! Looking at Bonne Marie‘s Shrek yarn, I was hoping for something equally fun. Unfortunately, he wants dark grey. Sigh. I’ve got some Kureyon left and dark grey Brown Sheep from his birthday vest. Perhaps I’ll use the Kureyon to spice it up. Casting on tomorrow night. Hmm, should I swatch or just go for it?

A friend of ours passed away yesterday. Dick was a programmer for the early Apollo project, back when the entire redundant support systems for the Apollo spacecraft can fit on something much less than that handheld device you have in your pocket, or so my friend Hugh tells me.

2s2c Finished!

After nearly 2 weeks of no work on the CyberSock class 2s2c, I finished them on Saturday, while I was glued to the couch watching the NASA disaster unfold and listening to NPR. I decided to skip the spinning guild spin-in and stay home to watch TV and knit.

I’ll take a picture after my new digital camera arrives. I just ordered it today. It’ll be coming on the slow boat since I chose free shipping.

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