A Womack Butterfly Electric Spinner appeared on my door step last month.  Yeah, magically.  I don’t know how that happened. (If you believe that, I have some prime real estate in Florida for you…)  It really does spin wonderfully.  And it’s quiet!

The wood is spalted maple.  I bought it with the Woolee Winder option.  After all, why go fast when you have to keep stopping to move the yarn from hook to hook?  I requested the flyer on the left because I draft with my left hand.  More importantly, I’m right handed so the right hand is a bit more sensitive when adjusting the speed dial. This way, I don’t have to cross my body when I need to fine tune the speed.

My test spins?

Fiber: 4oz. Spunky Eclectic 100% BFL Green Bananas
Plies: 3
WPI: 11-12
Yardage: 220 yards

Singles spun on the Butterfly, plied on my Schacht Matchless.  I chose to ply on the Matchless because I make frequent stops when I ply to adjust this and that.  It’s easier to make quick stops with the wheel than on the Matchless.

Before I washed it, the yarn was very stiff.  I was disappointed that I may have overspun the singles.  But after a soak, the fiber softened right up.  The yarn isn’t particularly even, by my standards, but I’m quite happy with it,  Another pair of socks, coming up!

Fiber: Chameleon Colorworks BFL, 4 oz. each of Eggplant and Purple Rain colorways.
Plies: 2
Laceweight (didn’t measure the WPI on this)
Yardage: 1168 yards

Purple Rain is variegated, with blues, purples, and a small hint of green (bobbin on the left).  Eggplant (middle bobbin) is a nearly solid that is the same as the darkest purple in Purple Rain.  The resulting yarn (right bobbin) is, unsurprisingly, dominated by the purple.  It’ll be interesting to see how the colors pop out when knitted.  I’m thinking a lace something, either a square or a round shawl.

Again, the singles are spun on the Butterfly, and plied on the Matchless.