Cindy Lair

I’ve promised Cindy, aka Spinning Wheel Goddess, a sail on the Bay for 3 years now.  I first met Cindy at SOAR in Tahoe City.  I was experiencing spinning wheel woes.  My Matchless was misbehaving.  I took it to the Schacht booth at the market.  Over the course of the next 2.5 days, Cindy worked on my wheel with unrelenting vigor.  But she still couldn’t get the wobble out, nor figure out the cause of the wobble.  On the last day, she caught up with me and offered to exchange her (working) demo wheel with my wheel.  This is prevented me from having to take the wheel home, pack it back in the original packing (yes, I still have the shipping box!), and send it to Colorado.  Since she already has to ship a wheel home, she could just as easily ship the defective wheel back.  (What great service!)

When I bumped into Cindy at this year’s SOAR, we talked about my promise to take her sailing whenever she’s in the Bay Area.  This time, the timing was perfect.  She was in town last weekend, and I was in town.  Originally, we had planned to go sailing on Saturday, but had to push off to Sunday due to some scheduling conflicts.  Whew.  We dodged a bullet.  We had monsoon rains with thunder and lightening all Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was a bit iffy, but we had a beautiful afternoon on the Bay.  We were so busy enjoying the weather (didn’t even need jackets!) that I forgot to pull out the camera when Cindy was at the helm.  Instead, I offer you a picture of Cindy, sitting back on the deck at the yacht club afterwards.

Cindy, you are welcome back on my boat anytime!

(The title of this post refers to my sailing and fiber worlds.)