Help! Has anyone made the donkey in the Debbie Bliss Toy Knits book? (yes, the secret is out) At the top of page 54, middle column, it reads as follows:

Next row K twice in first st, k30, turn. Work on this set of sts only for side of

Next row P to last st, inc in last st.

I kid you not. The line ends mid sentence, immediately followed by a blank line. A blank line. WTF?

I’ve checked the Debbie Bliss Errata page, and this book is not listed. I’m going to assume that she means for me to just work that side of the piece until the end, and then come back to finish the rest of the stories.

Wish me luck. And if any of you have made this before, drop me a note, will you? Pretty please? I just want to confirm that I’m on the right path. But I suppose that I will either be done or be ripping by the time I get your note.

2012-08-20 Update: while cleaning up broken links, I see that Debbie Bliss still doesn’t have this book listed on their errata page. Really?