Time sure flies when you are total self absorbed. We didn’t even realize that Thanksgiving was next week until we checked the calendar this weekend — and someone wanted to know what my scheduling looks like for next week. Huh? What’s so special about next week? Oh, Thanksgiving. Yikes! Thanksgiving!

I don’t know what we are going to do. All I know is that we are not heading back to Seattle for the weekend. Maybe a nice relaxing 4 day weekend with just the 2 of us.

Today is the day that we sever the last of our ties to Washington. The house sale closed today. No more mortagage payments (and simultaneous rent payments down here).

So, with the count down starting, I thought that I’d better get cracking on the Christmas list. The only person that I had presents picked out for is Ian. And on top of that, he requested a repeat of a Christmas present from 2 years ago – another pair of Fiber Trend’s felted slippers. In the two years, he has nearly worn them through. Last time we saw him, he kept harping on how much he loved them and how well they fitted.

But, that doesn’t count, does it? When someone requests something specific for a present, that is. Where’s the surprise in that? I’ll have to find something else.

I found the cutest item from Debbie Bliss Toy Knits. Right now, it’s in the “pelt” stage. I’m doing it blind. I did not read the pattern all the way through. I have no idea where I’m going, but it’s been fun seeing it unfold. Something different is happening on every row, so it’s definitely not mindless knitting. You have to follow the pattern line by line. So far, I’m intrigued and thinking that I just may have to do a few more of these lovely toys. Perhaps a snuggly teddy bear or a sheep.

I’m using Baby Ull from Dalegarn (what lovely, beautiful and soft yarn!) for this toy (no word on what it is for now, it’ll be a surprise when I get closer to finishing it).

I put up a freeze dried indigo dye bath this weekend. I wanted to overdye some yarn that I dyed and spun up last year for Martin to be knitted into a pair of Duck Socks. But the color was way too obnoxious for me to look at for very long. So, I’m aiming for some more soothing blues and greens. We’ll see.