Furniture and New Sweater

Martin and the furniture arrived last weekend. I am no longer living on the floor and minimal anything. The cottage looks so different with our stuff in it. It no longer feels like an empty barn (a small barn). I now just have to deal with all those boxes. Martin made a big dent in it this past week, but he’s back in Seattle trying to get the house painted before putting it on the market. Soon, my sweetie and I will be cohabitating again. Thank goodness.

I finally finished my purple top down raglan that I started last summer. It sat there in my basket, sans sleeves for over 9 months. I did not like having the entire sweater in my lap and twisting it over and over again as I worked the sleeves. Last week, I decided enough was enough. I was going to finish it. I got into a rhythm, were I knitted one round, then twisted the sleeve back around, instead of the sweater. It worked much easier and went by must faster.

Unfortunately, the sleeves are a little too short (1″). I thought I could live with it, but wearing it today, I decided that I can’t. I’ll be ripping out the cuff and adding on the extra inch or inch and a half this weekend.

Other than that, I do love the sweater though. It’s made with a Berroco yarn, Connoisseur Collection, Bluefaced Leicester. It light and super soft. Yum. I have 3 full skeins left (a little less once I finish the sleeves). I’m toying with either a pair of matching (short) socks or a hat. Martin’s voting for a matching hat.