The Chads

I made it, with days to spare. Yup. I’m talking about the California Recall Election. I finally finished all the paperwork with DMV on Saturday, including my voter registration. The deadline to register and still vote in the primary, now that it’s on again, was Monday. Whew.

I’m not telling you how I’m going to vote. That’s between me and the pregnant chads. Yup. I’m in one of the handful of counties that supposedly still use those ballots that made Florida famous for something other than the large retirement population. I’ll see when I get to the voting booth.

Knitting Cotton

Yuck. Now I know why I don’t do a lot of cotton knitting. I am finally on the home stretch of the second “T”, using Cascade Sierra. Although it has 20% wool, it seems to behave more like cotton. The knitted fabric shows every little bit of unevenness in my tension.

And during this project, I de-bunked a personal myth. I thought that switching to continental method evened out my tension. Wrong! I sprained my left thumb last week, and have changed back. And would you believe it? The tension is much more even this way! But it is much slower for me because I drop the right needle when I throw the yarn. I need to learn to hang on to that darn needle. Deborah made it look so easy, smooth, and more importantly, FAST!

I might put a picture up on the throwing vs. picking. The tension picking isn’t that bad, but the cotton shows every single flaw in the stockinette stitch. Perhaps it will even out more after washing it.

And because I’m doing something that’s no longer natural to me, and trying to keep an even tension, my other thumb is now aching.

Next project — wool. A lot more forgiveness to my uneven tension.