Another Tee

Not much happening here. I liked the results of the Breeze Tee so much that I immediately casted on another one, despite all the frogging that I had to do. After all, I should have perfected/memorized the pattern by now, right?

Anyway, instead of Heirloom Breeze, I casted on using Cascade Sierra in natural, because that was what was handy. I’ve never used Sierra before. I’m still not sure how I feel about it yet. However, in order to get gauge, I had to go down to US size 5 needles, instead of the size 7 that I used with Breeze. Also, I absolutely despise the combination of this yarn, this gauge on size 5 Denise needles. The stitches grip and refuse to slide over the joint. It did not take me long to switch to my Addys.

I just finished the back last night and about to cast on for the front today.

Happy Friday folks.