Going Cold Turkey

or a hot and humid one.

After checking Air New Zealand’s website and the weather forecast, I’ve decided to not take any knitting with me on this trip. Nope. Nada. I’m not even going to try any of the other fiber activities, such as crochet, naalbinding, tatting, etc. I’m just going to read and sleep on the plane (and whatever the on-board entertainment is provided). (I might take along a drop spindle for sitting at the airport. It depends on the carry on luggage situation.)

I picked up the new-to-me Gem II today in Stockton. I drove immediately over to see Judy and Bob to pick up any “missing” pieces: additional reeds, change to textsolv tie up, wedge, etc. Bob greeted me as I drove up and immediately took the loom out and said he wanted to give it a once over. (Totally did not expect this.) He tweaked it a bit here, added a washer there to tighten things up a bit, changed out the brakes because he has a better system now, added new reed tighteners, added a hand crank, and generally tuned it all up. Wow! What service!

While Bob had the loom, I had a great visit with Judy and the dogs. She gave me a tour of her new studio, office, and yarn storage room.

I’m very glad that I made the appointment to stop by. It was a very productive visit.

If you are even thinking about getting a Gilmore Loom, I just want to say that the service is wonderful. They are truly nice people.

See you in 2 or 3 weeks!