I have nothing really to say about my fibery pursuits except the following:

There always seem to be a million and one things out there that needs to be done and kept track of when you are heading off for a trip. Well, actually, any old day. When I feel overwhelmed, I make little lists. When I have multiple stops I need to make during a day, I make a list for each of the stops. The problem arises when I have all these little slips of paper, I tend to lose them, or have so many all over the place that I look like someone juggle a handful of cards at a rummy game and losing badly.

Over a year ago, I came across PocketMod. Well, actually, I just used the folding technique of turning a single sheet of 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper into a little notebook. I tend to use it as a one-a-day type of thing. Put the date in front, and keep quick lists of project tasks, one-per-page. They fit in the clip on the iPhone case, in the small pocket of my purse, in the hip pocket of my jeans, or just any old pockets. Along with a pen, it makes a great portable field notebook. Need to pick something up at the grocery store? Just jot it down during a meeting and you can refer back to it on your way home from work/the meeting. At the end of each day, I’d take a look at the list? All done? Toss it in the recycle bin. Stuff still undone? Copy it to a new list (or keep the list if you really didn’t get anything done that day). Frame it if you’ve created a gorgeous doodle spanning all the pages. <grin>

Yesterday, I took another look at the new applet, and found that I really like some of the new templates. I used the applet and personalized the booklet for me and printed off a bunch of sheets. What’s on my PocketMod Pages?

  1. (Front Cover) Blank — I put the “name” of the notebook on this: to-do list date, or project name (e.g., “Solomon Is. Pack List August 2008”)
  2. (Back Cover) 2008 Calendar — it’s always handy to have a small calendar to do a quick look up without fumbling with pulling out the phone to look up the calendar program.
  3. Rest of the pages are all grid pages. This can be used for making lists or for scribbling down a quick knitting chart idea!

Slightly smaller than 3×5 cards, and since they are all connected, no clips required. 6 pages to scribble in, excluding the front & back cover. Darn handy to have around. A you get a little mini origami session in each day too!

Okay. Off to Stockton!

P.S. Yes, I’m seriously thinking about leaving all knitting, spindle, naalbinding, tatting projects behind. I have just over 24 hours to decide.