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Frog: 3, Ann: 0

I’m making headway, slowly, on the Breeze T. I have finished the front, bound off the shoulders together, and crocheted the collar. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn before finishing the first sleeve (I had 2 balls left when I started the sleeves, and I finished the 1st ball before finishing the 1st sleeve).

I knew I was going to be short of yarn, because I decided to make it a different size than when I bought the yarn. I had already adjusted the pattern by shortening the sleeve somewhat, but it still wasn’t enough. So, out it came.

Then, this morning, as I was approaching the end of the 1st sleeve, I realized that I forgot to change my needle after the garter row stitches. So out it came. This makes the 3rd frogging episode on this sweater (one for the front).

So, while I was in a ripping mood, I frogged the too-tight sock, skeined it, and took it into the shower with me.

Frogs may have won some of the skirmishes, but I’m determined to win the war. I don’t know why this sweater is causing so much difficulties for me. At this point, I just want it over so I can move on. I’m too stubborn to abandon this sweater because I really liked the finished garment I saw at LYS.

Thanks, Kate, for your note. No, I really don’t intend to rip out both socks unless I really have to. But have you ever been in a state where you are just so frustrated that you just want to rip everything apart and start with a clean slate? I can in such a mood.

Same mood, as a matter of fact, with my laptop. I installed the critical upgrades the other night to prevent the dreaded worm that is going around. However, once upgraded, some component got seriously corrupted (Remote Access Services, for the geeks out there), so now I can’t dial out nor use the DSL. No internet access period (I’m using my work computer to write this post). Now, this is the same computer I tried to upgrade to XP a few months back, and it stubornly refused to. So it’s still running a seriously outdated Windows version (NT4). I’m now in the final throes of “I’m getting a new laptop.” I’m just trying to convince my checking account that it is really a neccessity, not a luxury. Especially since all the rest of the computer equipment are still up in Seattle.


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  1. mouse

    The Remote Access Services is one of the things that particualr worm targets, so the patch breifly turns it off. You can turn it back on, I think, if it’s just… missing, but i’m not sure what to do if it’s corrupted. Sorry. :(

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