Curve Balls

Just when you think everything is finally settling down, life throws you a curve ball to remind you that you are most definitely not in control.

The manager, who recruited me and convinced me to move to California, returned to Seattle — on my one month anniversary. Commuting between Washington and California was too rough on his young daughter.

Then came the news that Martin’s Dad’s colon cancer came back. He spent the last week in the hospital getting lots of tests. Martin spent the week on I-5 driving between the Tacoma and Seattle, and sitting around the hospital, hoping to talk to the medical team.

Martin’s Dad is fine. A little grumpy, but otherwise fine. He’s home now, and we are still waiting for the lab results and the medical team to decide what the next steps are.

During this whole time, I’ve been working 10-12 hour days down here in California. Despite how hard it is to be apart from Martin, I think this is working out for the best. I can work the long hours to keep the project on track, and he can spend the time focused on his Dad. And neither one of us need to feel guilty for our long hours. However, I must say, there were days when we both could have used a hug.

But, the good news is, Martin’s coming down tomorrow to spend a few days with me! I can’t wait.

Knitting news … slow going on the Breeze Tee … I ended up ripping out about 10″ of the front last night because I found out that I seriously miscounted my increases. This has been very slow going, despite how much I like this yarn.