No, I haven’t given up spinning and knitting. There just hasn’t been anything really interesting to blog about. I’m wrapping up a watercolor class at the adult ed and 2/3 way through the advanced Photoshop class at the community college. So, my time has been scattered with very little progress to show for any one specific project.

Spinning… my drive band has been giving me fits. (It’s been giving me fits for almost 2 months. Sad. I know.) The fast flyer hasn’t been very fast. I couldn’t quite find the sweet spot between the drive band and the scotch tension. I finally replaced the drive band last night and things are looking up. Look for some progress soon.

Knitting… I’m working on a new pair of Flat Feet socks. I had read somewhere that you can go up a needle size or two for the cuff. In the recent pair, I decided to just go loosey-goosey on the cuff (toe up) because I was too lazy to go and find the next size up needles. Several inches in, I decided that my first inclination was correct. This was a really bad idea. It’s really ugly. I just finished ripping them back to the heel. I’m still too lazy to dig out new needles. I’ll work an inch or so up the ankle before I switch to larger needles. Maybe I’ll have the fortitude to go get the new needles. Then I can use the existing needles to cast on the second sock with the second panel.

Incidentally, have you seen the new sock blanks at KnitPicks? A great summer project idea — Set your kids to paint the blanks with KoolAid! (I will use child labor in August and have Iris paint me a few.  She can add professional clothing designer to her resume.)  I can see the appeal of the sock blanks knitted with 2 strands — instant matching patterning. But contrary to popularity, I really don’t like knitting socks two at a time (been there, done that, didn’t enjoy it), so the idea of having to unravel the entire blank and roll them into 2 balls before I can start knitting holds very little appeal. I may have to give 2 at a time another go, because I really want to try these blanks.

What is it about hitting a problem spot, be it ripping back or replacing drive bands, that instantly put the project on back burner? It always seems easier to find another project to work on.