Music Lessons

Mom was right. All those years of violin lessons did pay off, but not in the way she imagined. I learned to read music, albeit, not very well. (Once I hear the music, I can play it. If I only have the sheet music to go by, it’s slow for me to slog through it the first time. After that, it’s a breeze.  My fingers were tied to audio memory, not the written notes.)

Treadle Sheets

But the relevant lesson here is that I can read the music and translate it into what my fingers need to do without having to stop and look at my fingers.  This translated well for reading my treadles notes and translating that into what my feet have to do.  Once I learn the “music” it’s a matter of getting the rhythm.

Above are my shorthand notes for various patterns in my gamp.  Once I tie on the treadles for the pattern, note the treadle order (I labeled my treadles: right foot, left foot), and then it’s time to play.