Done and Done!

Registration opened today, and I’ve completed my registration online. Now, the waiting game begins to see if I get the workshop of my choice. I signed up for Contemporary Cut Pile with Sara Lamb. I’ve wanted to learn to weave cut pile rugs forever. Since I won’t be able to make her session at the Golden Gate Fiber Institute’s Summer Intensive, I’ve signed up for it at SOAR. I’ve admired Sara’s work for a long time, and I also missed out on it when she taught this course at CNCH a few years ago. I can’t wait.

On to other notes, I only just realized last night that April is more than half over, and I haven’t finished a pair of socks yet! That doesn’t mean that I haven’t casted on, just that I don’t have anything finished. I started a pair with some handspun that just wasn’t working out. Eva counseled me wisely and convinced me that the yarn really didn’t want to be socks. Of course, this is after I’ve already turned the heel (toe up). I immediately casted on for another pair. But, those are my “cottage socks.” What happens at the cottage, stays at the cottage. Since I was only up there for a couple of days, I didn’t finish them. So, it’s time to cast on a pair here in California. But I’d better hurry to keep my current pace of 2 pairs per month! Footies, anyone?