There’s been a dearth of fiber activities here. Why?

Reason #1

I didn’t realize how dirty the deck was until I started to scrub. On the left is the result of winter grime. On the right is what it is supposed to look like. It took me 2 afternoons to scrub the deck. Each evening, my arms were so sore that I couldn’t even think about picking up knitting needles. Everything takes longer when you are doing it all by yourself. I definitely didn’t sign up for that. But still, it’s very gratifying when it’s done.

Reason #2

Last week was the start of the Wednesday evening racing series. I had to go out and make a showing. We came in right in the middle of the pack. I’m happy with that.

Reason #3

My first cruise out of the season. Our club cruised out to South Beach Harbor (See those pointy sticks behind the ball park? It’s my other pointy stick passion.), and watched the Giants lose to St. Louis. Nonetheless, it was a fabulous day, fabulous cruise, fabulous after party on the boats, and fabulous brunch at Delancey Street.

Hopefully, fiber activities will resume soon. But it will have to wait until after South Bay Opening Day this weekend. I haven’t decided if my boat will enter the decorated boat parade, but if you decide to drop by, I’ll be tending bar, starting at 1230!