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On Snow Fall and Heels

I can’t resist. After seeing Abby’s post today, I had to show my own version of a snow fall — I present you, the Petal Fall…

Petal Fall

I returned from Washington to spring, or so my sinuses tell me. The days are balmy 70+F with a light breeze. The breeze is just strong enough to shake the petals off of the trees in my backyard. This was the view greeted me this morning, as I walked outside. (Abby, don’t you miss Palo Alto?)

Sigh. I sure don’t miss my years in the snow country. (Although, I didn’t really have it that bad, since we chose to live as close to the ocean as possible to minimize the snow fall amounts.)

Now, back to my socks. In my last post, I said that I was going to continue to work the yarn over short row heels and see if practice makes perfect.

Heels - p2tog Heels - k2tog

On the left is the seam created by p2tog as I start to nibble back the short rows. See how pretty that line is? It makes me happy.

Now, on the rightthat does not make me happy. This is caused by the k2tog on the other side of the heel. I remounted the yarn over so that it is mounted correctly before executing the k2tog.The last 2 rows, I tried the ssk instead. That looks a bit better. It’s no longer sloppy looking, but I’m not too fond of how the yo stitch is wide open. I might skip the remounting and keep it twisted in the ssk.

I’ll play around with this on the second heel. Stay tuned.

Editor’s Note: I know some of you are wondering why I’m being so anal about these details, especially in light of this post. Well, it’s one thing to consciously let mistakes be as they are, mistakes. It’s completely another thing to have things happen and you have no idea why it is happening. That’s not a mistake. That’s an unknown. I’m not a passive sort of person. I need to know why. I think I must have been that annoying kid who asked “Why?” constantly as a child.


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  1. Augh! You are truly vicious. How could I not miss the cherry trees? Our last Sunnyvale home was the original farmhouse from what had been a pear orchard, and the house had been beautifully updated and modernized, but it still had, let’s see, a white picket fence with 4 dozen rose bushes of various types, 2 persimmon trees, a navel orange tree, peach tree, nectarine tree, and cherry tree, plus Edward’s magnolia tree. It was truly as nice as Silicon Valley living gets. You know, barring being, say, Larry Ellison, I suppose.

    That heel question, I think, would stick in my craw too. Now I want to go look at the CSM short row heels and see how they came out.

    And, actual content in response to your email coming shortly.

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